Services Overview


Funding for services is provided by:

Countywide Levy

Mercer County Civic Fund

Mercer County Health Care Foundation 


Garage Sales

Client Donations

Suggested Donations

Chore .................................... $10.00 per hour

Homemaker .......................... $10.00 per hour

Outreach Services ................ $7.00 per hour

Senior Transportation 

      In-County ........................ $5.00

      Out of County ................. $10.00

 The amounts listed above are suggested minimum contributions and do not cover the full cost of providing the service.

Although donations are encouraged and accepted, no person will be denied service or given different service, because of an inability or an unwillingness to donate.

Services are provided in all urban and rural areas of Mercer County.



 Chore Service is a program that provides assistance with certain household repairs, seasonal cleaning, and other chores and errands.  The purpose of the program is to help older people continue independent living.



 Homemaker service is a program providing routine light housework, laundry, errands, etc., for eligible individuals.  This program helps older people continue independent living. 



 Outreach workers are knowledgeable about many resources and programs available to seniors.  Appointments for in-office consultations are offered, as well as in-home visits for those unable to come to the office. 



 Persons age 60 and over who reside in Mercer County and have a need for transportation are eligible for the service.  Those under 60 with a disability are also eligible for transportation service (medical only). 

Equipment Loan Program


We have a wonderful loan program for Durable Medical Equipment at the Council. If you find that you have equipment you are no longer using, please consider donating it so we can share it with others in need!!

Fitness Center


 The fitness room is open daily 8:00 am to 3:00 pm.  We have a variety of machines for your use.  Anyone wishing to use the equipment must first be trained and sign a release form.  Then you are free to come in at your convenience for a great workout. 

Additional Services Available

Health and Wellness Services including Monthly Blood Pressure Screening

Daily meal at 11:00.  Call one day ahead to make a reservation. 

Prepared by Celina Manor. Donation is $3.00.

Sunshine Singers

Monthly toe nail clipping for $15.00

Volunteer Opportunities

Recreational activities that include: puzzles, cards, bingo, art and craft classes, 

quilting, line dancing and much more ... check out our monthly newsletter, 

face book page and the activities page!!

Guide To Programs and Services (pdf)