Homemaker services

Definition and Purpose

Homemaker service is a program providing routine light housework, laundry, errands, etc., for eligible individuals.  This program helps older people continue independent living. 


Client or spouse must be age 60 or over.
Client must reside in Mercer County.
Client must be unable to do the homemaker work requested.
​The MCCoA outreach worker visits the client and completes the individual    

        assessment which helps determine eligibility.
Service is ordinarily not offered if an able body person lives with the client.


Clients must accept the schedule set by the homemaker.
Homemakers adjust schedules to conserve time and mileage so clients should expect periodic scheduling changes.  Regular schedules will be affected by holidays, vacations, illness, and bad weather days.  Clients are required to be home while the homemaker is there. 

Time & Frequency

There is some flexibility in time and frequency, but homemaker visits are usually about every other week with time seldom over two hours and usually less depending on client load. 

Work Permitted


Cleaning Bathrooms
Changing Bedding
Grocery Shopping

Work Not Permitted

Moving Heavy Furniture
Yard Work
Snow Shoveling
Personal Care
Transporting Clients in Personal Cars
Homemakers may not use high ladders, remove storm windows, etc.


All clients are encouraged to do their own dusting and any other work they are able to do.  Homemakers may dust only if the client is unable to do his/her own dusting. 


Clients must provide laundry detergent, and cleaning supplies such as cleaner, mops, etc.  Clients may also be required to purchase additional materials and supplies to complete some projects. 

Target Population

​Homemaker services are for all elderly persons with a valid need for service, however, state and federal regulations specify that first consideration be given to those most in need.  Included are those who are disabled, ill or isolated; also clients with a low income, and persons age 75 and over.